Family Violence Consulting



Michelle has practiced for over a decade in providing advice, advocacy, developing policy projects and training in the Family Violence space. She has been a leader in Family Violence in the Western Suburbs and is a family violence practice expert.


Together with Tim, who has skilled crime and Child Protection experience, our firm has worked to develop -  Educational and Consultancy services to assist other professionals in skilling their workforce.


We can present to your staff (lawyers, medical professionals, social service professions and many other professional groups) on site at your location and show you how your clients, your staff and your practice can benefit from your staff being highly skilled in:


  • Identifying family violence and risk factors 

  • Risk assessment framework

  • Providing advice on family violence matters (whether legal or non legal/ procedural advice)

  • Appropriate victim and perpetrator management including language, de-escalation and referrals

  • Understanding the Misidentification of Perpetrators

  • Understanding the role of Victoria Police and their process

  • Consideration of appropriate Court Outcomes in Intervention Orders

  • Intersections between Family Violence / Crime / Family Law and Child Protection

  • Considerations of Family Violence in Bail for the client and the Court

  • Social needs and referrals for victims and perpetrators

  • Self care when working in the family violence space


Contact our office to discuss the needs of your staff and tailor an appropriate presentation for your work place.